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Champagne OLIVIER Père & Fils

2 rue Kennedy

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Wine making Champagne Olivier

Champagne wine making is a process of clear and precise stages. Everything begins with the careful pressing of the grapes during the grape harvest, which is carried out by hand.

Then, through the seasons, each step is followed according to unchanging ancient traditions : alcoholic fermentation, riddling, foam taking, disgorging, dosing and finally labelling and dispatching before the wine arrives on your table.

However, the crucial step, the one that gives the style and the particular taste of the champagne, is the blending.

Each year, Bertrand, Julien and Jean-Claude, the father (who stills joins them to give the benefit of his knowledge and experience)  get together deep in their cellars. There, they put together the different blends of grape varieties and vintage which make up the quality and the consistency of Champagne Olivier Père et Fils.

It is a unique moment, a secret ritual that can only be shared as a family.

We still remember those magic moments shared with our grandfather and father when we were children, when we were allowed the honour of bringing our lips to taste each glass – on the condition that we were forbidden to swallow any wine, of course.

Update on 08/08/2014